Super Sonic Secrets of the Teacherhood- Concept

Ok, not sure if I grasped the concept of a concept, 🙂  and definitely didn’t understand about the Acts…but I just adopted two acts…Just like Jim Lyons did.   Here is my try-Let me know if you think I did it correctly…:)

What if the world of teaching, as we know it, is actually all a ruse.  A senior in high school has a chance to risk everything to save the life of a teacher and friend, and possibly the entire teacher population.


The Concept of Act One is …

What if a Senior in high school become close friends with a first-year teacher, despite the arguments of her controlling boyfriend, and found something was not right.  As the school year progresses, her teacher friend takes on a new, more disturbing personality.

The Concept of Act Two is …

What if there were a Secret teacher society called the Super-sonic-Secrets of the Teacherhood that changed teachers into mechanical, but functional teachers that could deal effectively with their teaching duties, but changed who they were.  What if a certain senior student found out those secrets and saved an entire generation of teachers from losing their identity and purpose.


Super Sonic Secrets of the Teacherhood- Premise/Theme

To be honest, I am the kind of writer that doesn’t plan my books out.  I just write the first entire draft.  Then I go through it, filling in plot holes.  Then I go through it again and look for more natural conflict, then I repeat all the edits.  What a load of work.  I think I could be much quicker if I plan.  So I will try this time around.

Premise:  I really wanted to write this book because teachers’ jobs are really difficult, and I wanted to express that humorously.   Good teachers do not get into teaching for the money or business perks, its because we love to talk 🙂 and we love to help others grow.

The Premise for this book is to show a fictional, yet sometimes realistic side to teaching that only teachers see.  I want to show a humorous way of dealing with the hangups of a teacher, and then of course by the end of the book, show realistic ways of dealing with your problems.  Also, I want to show that age and experience do affect a friendship, but shouldn’t destroy a friendship.

Theme:  The one that comes to mind is that an easy-fix is not the best fix.  Teachers try drastic measures to “fix” themselves at the end of the year, trying to pick up the pieces of their lives they lost while school was in session.

Also walking a mile in someone else’s shoes helps you know how to help you sympathize.  The student is going to become really good friends with the teacher, but the major conflict is that the student is young, and doesn’t know all of what adults have to go through.  And the adult cannot remember the dramas that come with being a teenager.  Learning to accept and respect each other’s struggles is a big part of having a friendship.

Well these are the ones that come to mind, but again, this is all backwards to me.  I usually write a story, and a theme somehow creeps in as I finish.  Then I just work it in, but it also means it sometimes seems forced, so I am excited to try it this way.

What do you guys think?


Super Sonic Secrets of the Teacherhood- Setting

Most of this book will take place in a school/hotel conference area.  We will see into the lives of the two girls, as well as the teacher. I haven’t quite decided on a state, but I was thinking big city, somewhere in California…Los Angeles, or Sacramento.  I’m worried bout doing it in cities that I’m not familiar with, but I feel like California is where this should start.


The Super-Sonic Secrets of the Teacherhood-Introduction

A novel of exposing the truths of what teachers actually do in the summer.

Two high school seniors notice the teachers at her school are a little more abnormal that usual.  By the end of the year they are on edge, wired on coffee, and have an exceptional amount of red in the eyes.  Then they meet the new English teacher.  She started off so cool, and different than the other teachers at their school.  She still had life and imagination.  She hung out with them on the weekends and showed up at their games.  But they notice at the end of the year, she is changing….for the worse. She’s becoming just like the other teachers.   On the last day of school, they see a mysterious invitation on her desk, inviting her to a “Summer Conference, saying it will change you for the better.”  They finally approach her about it and encourage her to go.  But then they hear the rumors about the conference and are worried about their friend.

But the teacher has committed to go, so the two girls follow her.  They have nothing else to do before they start college, and they really do want to know what teachers do all summer, since they’re both going into the profession.  What they find is horrendous.  The two girls are mistaken for two absent teachers, and are thrown into a whirlwind of top-secrets of the Super-sonic secrets of the teacherhood-what teachers really do during the summer.

Crazy things happen to them, some they are forced to do, and others they hide while they are happening.  White paint injected into the teacher’s bloodshot eyes, Child X prescription shots, hours of toilet therapy, and scream rooms are just a few of the many bizarre happenings at this world renown conference.  The two girls have to figure out how to help their friend without turning their friend into a teacher zombie.